The University of Nottingham Human Rights Law Centre, together with the  Roma Tre Centro Internazionale di Ricerca ‘Diritto e Globalizzazione’and the European Social Charter Department of the Council of Europe, invite you to an event marking the 60th anniversary of the 1961 European Social Charter. Featuring expert speakers, this workshop will focus on ‘taking stock’ of the Charter and the work of its supervisory body – the European Committee of Social Rights – so far.  The event will take place on line on 28 April, 10:00-13:30 GMT.


The European Social Charter system is the oldest and most wide-ranging instrument providing for social rights in Europe. From the gender pay gap to the rights of migrants and unaccompanied children, from older persons’ rights to right to strike, the Charter has proved a living instrument capable of engaging with the challenges faced by Europeans in the 60 years since its adoption. Despite this, the system remains frequently neglected and misunderstood both by social rights and human rights law actors. This event will both celebrate and critique the European Social Charter system in light of the legal, social and political factors that have shaped it since 1961.


Speakers will address:


  • Key thematic areas in terms of the European Social Charter, including older person’s rights, children’s rights, the right to health, and equality and non-discrimination
  • The European Social Charter’s contribution to a European model of social rights
  • Key institutional developments throughout the history of the system – and the reasons for those developments


Confirmed speakers include:


  • Colm O’Cinneide
    Turbulence as Potential: The Past, Present and Future Role of the European Social Charter in Europe 
  • Keith Ewing
    Brexit, the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement and the European Social Charter
  • Claire Lougarre
    The interpretation of the right to health in the European Social Charter: 60 years on 
  • Karin Lukas
    The European Social Charter and Equality
  • Aoife Nolan
    Of indivisibility and interdependence: Children’s Rights under the European Social Charter
  • Tonia Novitz
    How the ESC Progresses ILO standards – A Brief Historical Journey
  • Michael O’Flaherty
    The European Social Charter and Human Rights Protection in the European Union  
  • Giuseppe Palmisano
    Improving the functioning of the treaty system of the ESC: a work in progress 
  • Gerard Quinn
    Active Citizenship & Social Rights: a 21st Century Agenda for the European Social Charter as it applies to Older Persons 
  • David Harris
    Title TBC

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