Between tradition and technologies, law and policy, theory and practices, miracle and pedagogical astonishment


Mihaela Viorica Rusitoru

L’Harmattan, Paris, pp. 1-156.



Dr. Mihaela Rusitoru has lived in Finland and has visited here several times. Her pioneering book is the result of careful work, interviews with a number of leading experts in the field, and a passionate interest in Finnish school education. The result is a highquality personal view on the Finnish school system and the society that lies behind it.

Teacher by training and awarded with a double PhD in Educational Sciences and International Relations-European Studies, Mihaela Viorica Rusitoru is an expert in lifelong learning policies. Associate professor at the IUTAM Montréal, Canada and associate researcher at the Laboratory Elliadd, France and at Helsinki University, Finland, Mihaela works at the European Science Foundation in Strasbourg and at Actissia Group France Loisirs in Paris and hopes to contribute, through her practical experience and scientific expertise, at the improvement of the educational reforms geared towards an inclusive and axiological education.