Krzysztof Orzeszyna, Michal Skwarzynski, Robert Tabaszewski – International Human Rights Law

In order to meet the growing interest in the practical response of the most rapidly developing branch of international law – human rights – we share with you the book titled ‘International Human Rights Law’. Human rights are characterized by an increasing degree of concreteness and recognition of norms in the various international systems and increasingly influence the application of domestic law. International law becomes a fundamental part of national law through ratification by states. This happens at three levels of the application and enforcement of international law, not limited by the subject matter, at the international, regional and national levels. It is expressed through its sources: treaties, agreements between states, as well as in the norms of customary international human rights law. The authors aim to show how the legislators of international law were guided by the ideas of protecting, promoting and ensuring the fulfilment of human rights to their fullest extent. Human rights are deeply rooted both in the science of Polish law and in the normative sphere. Already at the time of drafting the Polish Constitution of 3 May 1791, which was the first on the European continent and the second in the world after the US Constitution, human rights had firmly established meanings. One of the co-authors of the Polish Constitution, Hugo Kołłątaj, creatively developing the thoughts of Thomas Paine, presented his concept of rights with such a high degree of generality and the highest power of influence that it determined the content of the constitution and laws.


May 2023, Publisher: CH Beck, ISBN: 978-83-8291-182-4

Krzysztof Orzeszyna

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